Monobit Solutions is a full-service software development company headquartered in Croatia. We specialize in providing innovative solutions to enterprises, startups and technology companies across the globe.

We are experts on the Java platform, but as true geeks, we like to consider ourselves polyglot developers with knowledge of variety of different languages and platforms. In other words, we provide coverage in most areas of enterprise development. Distributed, asynchronous, synchronous, mobile, web, proprietary or open-source, we probably have hands-on experience with it.

Our software engineers are educated computer scientists with thorough mastery of software design and architecture, as well as software development.

By being trained at latest web technologies and languages we ensure our clients receive innovative, reliable and future-proof solutions.

Our philosophy

Use The Best Tools For The Job

A craftsman is only as good as his tools are. Choose the most appropriate and universal technologies and standards. You don't want to build a high-throughput messaging system in PHP nor build a local bakery web shop in Scala. Use the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer in order to provide the most productive and innovative solution.

Build The Right Thing Right

Develop a well architected system conformant to all software development principles and best practices. Build it with close collaboration to the customer. Beautifully architectured and designed systems which do the wrong thing are a waste of time and money.

Not Tested Means Non Working

No compromises are made on software quality. Once developed, systems spend rest of their lifetime in maintenance. Build robust unit and functional test suites to ensure long-term code integrity.

Our process

With our development process we fully embrace modern agile development methodologies. The center piece of our process is communication. As most of our projects are distributed and remote in nature, frequent communication and quality feedback are of vital importance for project success.

That's why:

  • Our clients actively participate in all aspects of the development process
  • We provide our clients with full transparency of project progress on daily level
  • We are organized in small teams competent in all aspects of software development, from business analysis to deployment
  • Development effort is broken down into 2-4 week iterations, ensuring accurate project tracking and planning flexibility
  • Each iteration results in a functional system, meaning our clients can build the minimum viable product and reduce time-to-market
  • Our clients have the freedom to change priorities and required functionality after each iteration
  • We embrace the lean mindset and support our clients to respond promptly to emerging market opportunities

This is how our usual development iteration looks like:

Gather ideas

Gather and prioritize product ideas with client


Brainstorm technical solution for the given requirements

Get it done

Code, test and get it done

Gather feedback

Showcase new features to client, gather feedback and retrospect